Product Advantages

The Main Features of The Simulator


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Simulation operation

Through the construction and integration of hardware environments such as display systems, audio systems, sensor systems, hardware-in-the-loop simulation systems, analog control systems, and optoelectronic systems, trainees are provided with the simulation of perception such as "sight, hearing, touch, and force" to achieve immersion operation training.


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Using the assessment and evaluation function in the simulator operating system, different assessment subjects can be established to quantify the performance of trainees horizontally and vertically.


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Theory teaching

Focus on learning safety operation regulations, basic operations, maintenance and other content, which is reflected in text, audio and video. It can meet the functions of courseware demonstration, data query and reading, multi-screen interaction, real-time monitoring, video audio text data import and playback during teaching.


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Rescue drill

Multi-scenario, multi-device, networked collaborative training. Instead of single training topics in the past, diversified, actualized and normalized training, close to actual combat needs, and meet training needs.

Features Of Simulator Software


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Software model

The software model uses engineering machinery as the prototype for a real-scale 3D model 1: 1 design and production,and adopts the current international mainstream next-generation modeling standard. Through the Pbr material modeling process, the effect of the real environment model is simulated,and the company takes leading position by using normal
map to replace modeling method.


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Independent and Self-Controllable

All software modules, including the graphics rendering engine, are independently developed in C ++. No third-party commercial engines or plug-ins are used, which eliminates the use of third-party software to support software backdoors that may exist. In this way, the software programs developed is fully controlled by ourselves.


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During the operation, a realistic three-dimensional scene corresponding to the operation is displayed and output on the video with corresponding voice prompts.


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Error prompt

The topic contains a large number of real-time error prompts, including text prompts, voice prompts, and screen flashing red, to help students correct timely violations and wrong actions.


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Theoretical learning model

Realize written and video learning functions, including real machine structure, operation, repair and other functions,which can be added as customers’ needs.


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Theoretical assessment mode

Equipped with standardized assessment of theoretical test questions, customers can add test questions on their own to realize the functions of random question making, automatic evaluation and automatic scoring.


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It can connect all equipment to complete the topics or scenes of collaborative training assignments, and the group selection method is free grouping, central monitoring station (teacher end) assignment, etc.