Application of virtual construction machinery simulator

With the rapid development of modern society, the construction industry is also constantly progressing and developing.

However, construction machinery is also playing an increasingly prominent role in the construction process.

Especially for those large-scale projects, the use of construction machinery is even more crucial.

How to efficiently master mechanical operation skills, reduce the error rate, improve efficiency, and ensure

the personal safety of workers has become an important issue in the development of the construction industry.

Aiming at this problem, construction machinery simulation simulator came into being.


The application scenarios of construction machinery simulation simulator are very wide. For example,

in housing construction, simulation simulators can be used for operation training of scaffolding and hanging baskets,

high-altitude hoisting and other operations; in mechanical equipment maintenance, various equipment maintenance and

troubleshooting can be performed to improve personnel skills and reduce The cost of equipment maintenance;

in urban planning,it can be used in the construction of various facilities, such as urban traffic dispatching, road construction, sewage disposal,

pipe gallery construction, etc. Through the simulation operation, the accuracy and feasibility of the project can be ensured,

and various unexpected problems can be dealt with in time.

bulldozer simulator 006

 Simulator features

Commonly used engineering construction machinery includes excavators, loaders, bulldozers, graders, road rollers, cranes, etc.

Build a switchable natural environment virtual simulation system, including a natural meteorological environment model

library under sky background, rain, snow, fog, evening, night and other weather conditions, which conforms to the actual natural visual effect.

 6 (1)

Including the collision detection effect between the blade and the soil in the process of digging, filling, leveling, etc.,and the corresponding ups and downs of the work site, etc.

Realize the morphological changes of the static models such as mounds, ruins, slopes after being excavated, scraped, and rolled,and realize the high-simulation physical properties and effects of falling soil, sand, stones, and the excavation process.

The amount of change in form is linked to the actual motion parameters of the simulator.

6 (2)

For example, the rationality detection of the authenticity simulation of the falling soil process, the triggering of corresponding events and related events,the realization of prompts and warnings of unreasonable operations such as wrong actions and dangerous actions, and the assessment prompt of damage degree after collision.



Post time: Mar-18-2023