Farming Tractor Personal Training Driving Simulator

Tractor simulator is a set of simulated operation training system independently invented and designed for the training of tractor drivers. The product has powerful functions, realistic operation and perfect service. It is your right-hand man to show corporate culture and improve teaching quality!

1.Software system
1. Comply with tractor driver training program and driving simulator enterprise standard (Q1320YAE01-2010), equipped with "Tractor Simulation System" version.
2. The real proportions of the tractor are used in the software to design and make 3D models.
3. High-sensitivity operation handle, pedal, control box, data acquisition card, various function adjustment components, etc., output on the video screen corresponding to the three-dimensional scene of the operation and various voice prompts real-time operation interface;
4. Possess a variety of Comprehensive exercise of working conditions;
5. A large number of real-time error prompts are added to the subject, including text prompts, voice prompts, etc. Help trainees to correct illegal operations and wrong actions in time;
6. With entertainment function, the equipment operation is integrated into the game, reflecting the teaching method of entertaining and entertaining; basic training mode: meets the requirements of the basic standard operation of the equipment, and can achieve 2.5-meter tractor training , 5m tractor training, 9.5m tractor training.


2. Hardware system
1. Computer (PC): CPU: G18402.8Ghz Hard disk: 500G Memory: 2G Graphics card: GT7301G
2. Visual scene generation system: 40-inch high-definition TV display system
3. Main control chip: Independent research and development, with intellectual property rights Highly integrated main control chip
4. Membrane button: independent research and development, performance is better than ordinary button switches, with intellectual property rights
5. Seat: engineering machinery type (>100KG bearing weight)
6. Control module 1). Front control panel flameout button, Start button, hydraulic emergency stop, screed lock, throttle knob, speed switch, left screw feeder, right screw feeder, screed front cylinder leveling, machine steering, horn and other control buttons.


Post time: Dec-30-2021