Install simulators for Railway Bureau

xx Railway Bureau has a training base for employees. Our company’s simulators can help their employees quickly get familiar with the passenger facilities and equipment of the station, understand the various processes and organizational modes of the passenger station, and master the theoretical knowledge and preliminary skills of the work of passenger and bellman in the station. Able to comprehensively apply the basic theoretical knowledge, basic skills and professional knowledge and work practice, comprehensively improve the ability to analyze and solve problems.

Purchased simulators include forklift simulator, loader simulator, reach stacker simulator, gantry crane simulator, forklift clamp simulator, etc.


There is a Simulator Management Software for Training as below picture.

• Training course management software for instructors to manage the simulators in a training environment and to provide students with feedback on their performance.
• The software will allow the instructor to create a unique user for each simulator user. This will allow the instructor to store the results of each simulator user (i.e. student) in a database. This will be used for managing student grades and performance.
• Students will have access to view their results that are stored in the database.

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Post time: Mar-07-2023