Three-degree-of-freedom multifunctional long-boom excavator simulator

The long-arm excavator emergency rescue teaching model is a product developed based on the long-arm excavator driver training syllabus and driving simulator industry standards.

This equipment does not belong to the game type. It is realized by using the operating principle of the long-arm excavator, using the operating hardware similar to the real machine and the operating software of the long-arm excavator simulator. It is a teaching equipment for construction machinery driving training school.

Long-arm excavator training and assessment simulators often give trainees an immersive experience, imitating real-world operations, and are products that adapt to the modern training market and training concepts.


Configuration details: product functions and features:

1) Solve school problems

At present, domestic construction machinery training schools generally have problems such as insufficient time on the machine caused by a large number of trainees and fewer training machines. The increase in simulation operation training links not only prolongs the trainee’s time on the machine, but also solves the problem of the lack of training machines and the short time on the machine. And the conflict between the school and the students.

2) Improve teaching quality

The system cooperates with sound, image, animation and interactive visual equipment to train students to master various operating skills and techniques of excavators before operating the real machine. By operating more than 20 realistic excavator training projects, the training time is extended, thereby making up for the shortcomings of the real machine training time and other shortcomings, achieving the goal of practice making perfect and improving training efficiency.

3) Cost saving

While improving the quality of teaching, the simulation training teaching instrument effectively saves the training time on the real machine. (The training cost of a simulation training teaching instrument is only 1 yuan/hour, thus saving huge teaching expenses for the school).

4) Enhance security

The trainees will not bring accidents and risks to the machine, themselves, or school property during the training.

5) Flexible training

Training can be carried out in day or rainy days, and the training time can be adjusted flexibly according to the school situation to solve the teaching inconvenience caused by climate problems.

6) Personalized customization

The software and hardware of the simulator can be modified and customized for a fee according to the needs of customers.

Ignition key, joystick, walking pedal, hydraulic safety lock, broken switch, throttle control, membrane switch, linkage console, signal acquisition control board, computer, liquid crystal display, auxiliary control (OK, exit), etc.

Post time: Dec-30-2021