VR Heavy Construction Retory Drilling Rig Training Simulator

1. Comply with the latest rotary drilling driver training syllabus and the latest driving simulator JSHC corporate standard (Q1320YAE01-2010), equipped with the latest "Rotary drilling simulation system" version;

2. The real proportions of the rotary drilling rig are used in the software to design and produce 3D models.

3. The high-sensitivity operation handle, pedal, control box, data acquisition card, various function adjustment components, etc. are composed of a real-time operation interface that outputs the three-dimensional scene corresponding to the operation and various voice prompts on the video screen;

4. Comprehensive drills with multiple working conditions;

5. Add a large number of real-time error prompts to the subject, including text prompts, voice prompts, etc. Help students correct illegal operations and wrong actions in a timely manner;

6. With entertainment function, the operation of the equipment is integrated into the game, reflecting the teaching method of entertaining and entertaining;

7. Basic training mode: to meet the requirements of the basic standard operation of the equipment, it can realize the realistic simulation of rotation, walking (track type) and drilling operations, self-raising and falling foldable drill masts, telescopic drill pipes, and automatic verticality detection and adjustment operations.

8. Assessment operation mode: meet the standard assessment requirements;

9. Theoretical learning mode: realize the document and video learning function, so that the students can improve the theoretical foundation;

Provide instructional courseware such as materials corresponding to the equipment;

10. Training topics include: empty movements, hanging drill pipes, drilling operations, single assessment, and comprehensive assessment.

11. Entertainment topics include: shuttle through the maze.


Post time: Dec-30-2021