VR Loader forklift Operator Training Combine simulator

Loader Forklift Simulator is a multifunctional simulation teaching instrument that integrates loader and forklift. It is the latest product developed by our company. The driver's cockpit of this product has undergone a lot of technological innovation and improvement, and is equipped with the latest "loader forklift" "Simulation software" version, this software provides various job training topics for loader forklifts, rich topics, realistic operation topics and functions, and is the first-selected teaching equipment for mechanical engineering majors.


1. The software system has two loaders models with different tonnages and two forklift models with different models, which can help trainees to carry out simulation training and teaching of different products. 2. The whole machine is made of cold-rolled plate casting molds, with compact structure and beautiful appearance. All hardware is assembled with real machine parts. The high-sensitivity photoelectric sensor is perfectly combined with the system single-chip microcomputer. It is fully simulated with the operating principle of the real machine, and the simulation training is truly realized. Training effect.

3. The software topics cover all the actual work topics of the loader forklift. At the same time, the forklift software system adopts the latest quality inspection system assessment and identification topic requirements, and has reached multiple practical training topics to help trainees in various working conditions. , Thoroughly solve the training problems of trainees.

4. Realize the training functions of loaders, forklifts stand-alone training, theory assessment, video teaching, etc., and teachers can independently add theoretical test papers, video recordings, teaching pictures and other teaching courseware.

5. The system uses a 50-inch high-definition liquid crystal display. The images after the operation of the trainees are processed by the running host and transmitted to the display system, which coincides with the operation in real time without delay.

6. Multiple viewing angles are set in the software to facilitate trainees to observe the action of the loader through different viewing angles, which is conducive to the improvement of trainees' operating skills. Such as: third-person perspective, cab perspective, overhead angle, etc.; and can be viewed in a full 360-degree view through the viewing angle joystick.

7. The software can set parameters for the training content of the loader and forklift, such as training time, equipment model, subject requirements, training type, etc.

8 The current machine status parameter display window, you can observe the various parameters and status changes of the machine, such as: oil pressure, oil temperature, voltage, water temperature, etc., and the display effect is the same as that of the real machine.

9. Auxiliary functions: a need to have function buttons, real-time status display function of the miniature map; b can independently modify the safety operation prompt content in the subject; c prompt the correct posture of the machine during operation. Loader Forklift Simulator

10. Loader forklift simulator, designed software according to the national special equipment assessment outline, including 27 forklift topics and 13 loader topics, and conduct training, evaluation, and appraisal for operating trainees.


11. By switching between different working devices, the loader wood grabbing and loading training is required, and the forklift can adjust the width of the fork. Loader Forklift Simulator


Post time: Dec-30-2021