3D VR Construction Grabber Personal Training Simulator

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    Grabber simulator complies with the latest grabber driver training syllabus and is equipped with the latest "grabber simulation system" version.

    The software model uses a grabber as the prototype to design and produce a real-scale 3D model.

    During operation, the realistic three-dimensional scene corresponding to the operation is displayed on the video and accompanied by corresponding voice prompts.

    The subject contains a large number of real-time error prompts, including text prompts, voice prompts, and flashing red on the screen. Help students correct illegal operations and wrong actions in a timely manner.


    1) Improve teaching quality
    The system cooperates with sound, image, animation and interactive visual equipment to train students to master various operating skills and techniques of continuous wall grab before actual machine operation. By operating more than 20 realistic continuous wall grab training projects, the training time is extended, thereby effectively making up for the shortcomings of the real machine training time, achieving the goal of practice making perfect and improving training efficiency.

    2) Cost saving
    While improving the quality of teaching, the simulation training teaching instrument effectively saves the training time on the real machine. The training cost of a simulated training teaching instrument is only 1 yuan/hour, which saves huge teaching expenses for the school.

    3) Enhance security
    The trainees will not bring accidents and risks to the machine, themselves, or school property during the training.

    4) Flexible training
    Training can be carried out whether it is daytime or rainy days, and the training time can be adjusted flexibly according to the school's situation to completely solve the teaching inconvenience caused by climate problems.

    5) Personalized customization
    The software and hardware of the simulator can be modified and customized for a fee according to the needs of customers.

    Configuration Details

    High-sensitivity operation handle, foot pedal, control box, data acquisition card, computer, liquid crystal display, main control chip, membrane button, multi-function combination control button, throttle knob, auxiliary control (OK, exit), etc.

    Training topics:
    Empty action, hanging grab, groove grab experiment, single assessment, comprehensive assessment


    Grabber simulators are used for many global work machinery manufacturers to design and implement simulator solutions for their machines;

    Grabber simulators offer next generation work machine training solutions for schools in the fields of excavation and logistics.



    Display 40 or 50-inch LCD display or customized Working voltage 220V±10%, 50Hz 
    Computer Satisfy the use of software  Ambient temperature -20℃~50℃ 
    Seat Special for construction machinery, adjustable front and rear, adjustable backrest angle Relative Humidity 35%~79% 
    Control Chip Independent research and development, high integration and high stability Size 1905*1100*1700mm
    Control Assembly Designed in accordance with ergonomic principles, easy to adjust, all switches, operating handles and pedals are within easy reach, ensuring operating comfort and greatly improving learning efficiency  Weight Net weight 230KG
    Appearance Industrial appearance design, unique shape, solid and stable. The whole is made of 1.5MM cold-rolled steel plate, which is sturdy and durable  Support Language English or customized

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