Quayside container (bridge) crane simulator

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    The quayside container (bridge) crane simulator is a product developed based on the quayside container (bridge) crane driver training program and the industry standard for driving simulators.

    This device does not belong to the game type. It uses the operating principle of a real quayside container (bridge) crane, and uses operating hardware similar to the real machine to cooperate with the quayside container (bridge) crane simulator operating software. Teaching equipment for port machinery driving training school.

    Quayside container (bridge) crane simulators often give trainees an immersive experience and imitate real-world operations. It is a new product that adapts to the modern training market and training concepts.


    Life like Operation and User-Friendly Design
    The devices adopts the same operating mechanism of the real machine so that it can generates the same feel as that when you operate a real machine. In its software stored are programs to simulate the metal reflective effects, shadow effects, physical effects and other special effects.

    Enhanced Safety
    During training processes,no accidents and risks will jeopardize the machine, human beings, the teaching and properties which may be seen often in those field training programs by using real machines.

    Schedule Flexibility
    Whether in day or night, cloudy or raining, the training can be arranged at will as you like and there is no worry that the training may have to be cancelled due to bad luck or nasty weather.

    Solve the difficult problems of the machine
    Currently a lot of construction machine training classes are stuffed with too many trainees, who can not get enough on board training hours due to lack of machines.The simulator certainly solves this issue by providing an extra practice means in precisely animated environment.

    Energy Saving Low carbon and Environmental friendly
    This simulator does not only better the training quality but also reduces the time spent on the real machine. Nowadays, the fuel price is going up. However, it costs only 50 Chinese cents for each training hour so that the teaching expenses of the school are greatly saved.


    It is used for many global work machinery manufacturers to design and implement simulator solutions for their machines;

    It offers next generation work machine training solutions for schools in the fields of excavation and logistics.



    Display 40-inch,50-inch LCD display or customized Working voltage 220V±10%, 50Hz
    Computer Satisfy the use of software Ambient temperature -10℃ to +45℃
    Seat Special for construction machinery, adjustable front and rear, adjustable backrest angle Relative Humidity <80%
    Control Chip Independent research and development, high integration and high stability Size 1905*1100*1700mm
    Control Assembly Designed in accordance with ergonomic principles, easy to adjust, all switches, operating handles and pedals are within easy reach, ensuring operating comfort and greatly improving learning efficiency Weight Net weight 230KG
    Appearance Industrial appearance design, unique shape, solid and stable. The whole is made of 1.5MM cold-rolled steel plate, which is sturdy and durable Support Language English or customized

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